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The Dangers of Dirty Air Ducts

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Although it is impossible to control pollution outdoors, there are things you can do to improve the air quality inside your home. Following a regular cleaning routine is very important to reduce dust in the air in your home. If you or your household suffer from allergies, you know how essential it is to stay on top of your dusting duties. However, dusting is not always enough to keep dust spores from worsening breathing conditions because the dust inside your air duct system. Once this happens, dust spores are spread throughout your home.

house at sunsetOther health dangers of a dirty air duct system include sinus infections, eye irritations, and asthma and respiratory issues. To avoid these ailments, an annual professional air duct cleaning is recommended by respiratory health experts like the American Lung Association. For over 25 years, Atlas Chimney has been taking care of the chimney and venting systems in the Austin area. You can count on our trained and experienced professionals to properly clean your air ducts. We would like to tell you more about what you can expect from our professional air duct cleaning services and how we can help repair any leaks in your air duct system.

What can I expect when Atlas Chimney shows up to clean my air ducts?

Before we clean your air ducts, our trained and certified professionals will perform a video inspection of your entire air duct system. This allows us to see exactly how dirty the ducts are. We also use this video to show you how much of a difference our cleaning made with a before and after video comparison. In order to avoid contamination of your system, we do more than just vacuum your HVAC system. To loosen dirt and debris, we use specialized industry tools like brushes and skipper balls, then we hook up a powerful HEPA-filtered vacuum to the duct to remove all of the dust, dirt, and debris. We then sanitize your air ducts with a microbial spray to kill germs, bacteria, and dust mites. If you are unhappy with our work, we will re-clean your air duct system a second time at no cost.

What other air duct services does Atlas Chimney provide?

Your air ducts could also develop leaks, which can pull dust, moisture, and irritants into your system from the walls, attic, crawl space, or basement. Leaky air ducts can make your home uncomfortable and cause your utility bills to be more expensive. If you suspect your ducts are leaking, we can seal them with Aeroseal, a system that uses polymer particles to repair it. Aeroseal is backed by a 10-year warranty, and it is non-toxic and safe for you, your family, and your pets.

When was the last time your air ducts were professionally cleaned? Protect your family’s respiratory health by calling us at Atlas Chimney to schedule an appointment today!