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Keep Your Chimney Clean & Dry With A Chimney Cap Or Animal Guard

You wouldn’t leave your front door open all the time, would you? Of course not! But are you leaving your chimney flue open to the elements? If you don’t have a proper chimney cap or animal guard, you are! Your chimney flue extends past your crown, and without a properly fitted cover, anything and everything can access your chimney including:

  • Rain Water – When rain has consistent access to your chimney flue, it can cause all sorts of damage from a rusty damper and a damaged chimney liner to pooling water and rust in your firebox. Are you letting water wreak havoc in your system?
  • Birds & Animals – Many birds and animals, especially Chimney Swifts, prefer to make nests in chimneys. Without a chimney cap or animal guard, birds and animals can bring in flammable nesting materials, feathers, food, disease, and other things that don’t belong in your chimney. Unfortunately, baby birds and animals can also fall down into your firebox or get trapped in your chimney and die.
  • Insects – Wasps, bees, and other insects can easily access your chimney and build nests if you don’t have a proper chimney cap or animal guard installed.
  • Branches, Leaves, Debris – Branches, leaves, and other debris can fall down into an uncovered chimney flue, where they can easily cause blockages or chimney fires.

A high-quality and professionally fitted chimney cap or animal guard will work to keep all of these things out of your flue. The more you do to protect your chimney and keep it clean and free of debris, the longer it can serve you and your family. Are you doing everything you can?

Prevent Gusts & Backdrafts

Tired of sudden gusts of wind coming into your home through your chimney? Chimney caps can also prevent downdrafts, helping you maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

Keep Sparks Where They Belong

Chimney caps and animal guards aren’t just good at keeping things out of your chimney – they can also keep things in! During a fire, sparks and ash can fly up and out of your chimney, where they can potentially start house fires or fires elsewhere on your property. Chimney caps have mesh wire which helps greatly reduce the amount of sparks and ash exiting your chimney.

We’ll Find & Install The Perfect Chimney Cap Or Animal Guard For You

Are you in need of a quality chimney cap or animal guard? Let us help! We have a complete catalog of unique and specialty chimney caps (for large or unusual sizes), copper caps, wind-directional and draft-increasing caps, as well as UL listed caps for manufactured or prefab chimneys. We can also install stainless steel damper caps, which help prevent the loss of conditioned air. These caps can greatly reduce your heating bills and come with a lifetime warranty!

Our technicians can recommend and install the perfect cap or animal guard for your chimney system and home. Give us a call at 512-702-7415 or click here to schedule an appointment with a professional from Atlas Chimney!


A prefabricated chimney needs a quality chase cover for safe function as well as a beautiful appearance. Do you need this chimney repair service? Find out when you give us a call for an appointment.

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