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Are You Keeping Up With Routine Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Clothes dryers are appliances that we rely heavily on but often take for granted. We throw a load in, push a button, and go about our business. We’re sure to clean out the lint trap after each use, but is that all we should and could be doing?

Every year in the U.S., there are thousands of dryer-related house fires. Not only do these fires result in major property loss, but they’re also responsible for dozens of injuries and deaths.

Although some of the fires are the result of mechanical or electrical issues, the leading cause is usually neglect. Lint, nesting materials from birds and other animals, and other flammable debris can easily ignite with the high temperature of the dryer. How are your vents looking?

What Signs Should I Look For?

You don’t have to wait for a house fire! There are some tell-tale signs it’s time to schedule a professional dryer vent cleaning. Lint-laden dryer vents can cause your clothes dryer to run hotter and yield less effective results.

  • Have you noticed your normal load sizes taking longer and longer to dry?
  • Are your clothes coming out of the dryer hotter than usual when they are finally dry?
  • Is your lint trap-filled to the max after one load of clothes?
  • Is your dryer itself hot to the touch?

These can be signs that it’s time to have the dryer vents professionally cleaned.

Should Dryer Vents Be Cleaned Often?

There’s no set rule for how frequently dryer vents should be professionally cleaned, and the frequency of need will largely depend upon the amount of use your dryer sees and the length and path of the venting system. We find that on average, dryer vents need to be professionally cleaned once every two to three years, although the longer the venting and the more elbows it has, the quicker lint will accumulate. If you have a long, winding dryer vent, be sure to click here to read about our dryer vent re-routing services!

What Can Be Done To Keep Birds & Animals Out Of My Vents?

You may not know it, but birds and other animals sometimes make homes in dryer vents, bringing flammable nesting materials and bugs in with them. If you’re concerned with keeping animals out and your vents clear, you may want to invest in a vent screen cover. There are a few Deflecto vent covers that we highly recommend. Most of them can even be painted to make them better suited to your exterior décor. Ask your dryer vent tech about vent screen covers today!

Give Atlas A Call!

Scheduling professional cleanings on a regular basis can help keep your dryer efficiency high and your fire risk low. Are you doing everything you can to maximize dryer efficiency and prevent a dryer fire in your home? The CDET-certified venting professionals at Atlas Chimney can make sure your vents are clear without making a mess in your home. In fact, we have a mess-free guarantee! Call us at 512-702-7415 or click here to request an appointment online!


For your dryer to work most efficiently, it may be necessary to re-route your dryer vents. Find out more about this dryer vent service when you talk to one of our technicians.

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