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Is Your Flashing Doing Its Job?

So you’ve got a chimney leak and you’re not sure where the water’s coming from? When was the last time you had your flashing professionally inspected? In our 30 + years of serving the Texas Hill Country, we’ve seen a lot of leaks caused by poorly installed or damaged flashing. So much so that when we’re called out to evaluate and resolve chimney leaks, the flashing is one of the first areas we check!

Where Is The Flashing & What Does It Do?

Flashing refers to the sheets of metal that are strategically layered on the roof and chimney where they intersect. This area of the home is particularly vulnerable to water infiltration, but when properly installed and maintained, the flashing works to provide a watertight barrier. Unfortunately, flashing isn’t fail proof. Here are some common reasons why flashing fails:

  • Poor Installation Job – Not everyone knows what they are doing when they’re installing flashing. Unfortunately, we see poor flashing installation work all the time and know it to be a major cause of leaks. A proper and professional flashing installation should involve layers of step and counter flashing, as well as caulk. If the installation isn’t done properly, it’ll only be a matter of time before you find water in your chimney and home.
  • Damage Due To Storms – We get some pretty wicked storms here in Texas, and when strong winds and loose branches lift or dent the flashing on your chimney, water can quickly gain access. We highly recommend having your flashing inspected after any serious storm.
  • House Settling – It may seem a bit unbelievable, but as your house settles, those small shifts can cause the flashing on the roof and chimney to separate. If this happens enough, water can seep under and make its way into your home.
  • Animal Tampering – Animals are another reason flashing fails. When squirrels, birds, or other animals tamper with your flashing, little openings or dents can form and allow water to seep in or puddle. Over time, these areas that allow water to gather can rust through, allowing water to easily and quickly enter the chimney and home.
ChimneySavers FlashSeal text reads The Soulution for deteriorated falshings around chimneys stack and vents with chimney photo

Click here to learn about one way we can keep water out of your home.

Let Our Team Check Your Flashing!

If your chimney is leaking or you just want to make sure it isn’t, call Atlas Chimney at 512-702-7415! We’ll send a certified chimney professional to evaluate your chimney system and check for any weak points or areas of water entry. If your flashing is to blame, our team has the skills and knowledge to repair your flashing or install new flashing so that you’re properly protected against water. Click here for online scheduling!


To give further protection against a leaky chimney, ask us about the advantages of professional waterproofing.

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