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We’re HeatShield® Certified & May Be Able To Restore Your Liner With This Revolutionary Product!

No one wants to be told that their clay tile chimney liner is cracked, crumbling, and in poor shape. But thanks to HeatShield®, if you’ve been delivered this bad news, a full reline may not be your only option.

Those of us here at Atlas Chimney are now certified HeatShield installers and are honored and pleased to offer our customers this amazing, effective, and affordable option. HeatShield is a revolutionary system that can oftentimes be used to repair and restore old, damaged clay tile liners. It requires careful, skilled application, but when professionally applied, HeatShield can give liners a second chance at service life.

HeatShield Offers 3 Flue Repair & Restoration Options

There are 3 different HeatShield applications, each designed to address different levels of restoration and repair needs.

  • Repair System. The first application is designed to restore liners with minimal damage – say a few cracks or flaws here and there. During this process, we’ll prep and prime the flue liner, and use a foam applicator (designed just for your chimney flue) to smooth the product over the damaged areas. The product will fill in any cracks or holes and provide a smooth, seamless, restored surface.
  • Resurface System. The second application is for liners that have a broader, more extensively damaged surface. Like we do with the repair system, we’ll prep and prime the surface of the flue and prepare a foam applicator that perfectly fits your flue. Next, we’ll pour the product down into the chimney flue and use the foam applicator to ensure even, effective distribution. With this application, the entire flue is resurfaced and all holes and cracks are filled and sealed.
  • Reline System. Unfortunately, in some cases, clay flue liners may need a little extra TLC. If we determine that the entire flue could use added strength and reinforcement in addition to resurfacing, we may suggest the sleeve relining HeatShield option. As always, we’ll prep and prime the flue and prepare a specialized applicator. As we do in the resurfacing application, we’ll pour the HeatShield product down into the chimney, smooth it over with the applicator, and allow it to cure. Next, we’ll slip a sleeve down into the flue and follow up with a second application of the HeatShield product. This application works to provide a seamless, smooth flue and leaves the flue stronger than it was before.

No matter which application we perform, we’ll follow up with a video scan of the chimney flue to make sure the repairs were effective and sufficient.

If you’d like to learn more about the HeatShield system and find out whether or not it may be the best repair and restoration solution for your chimney flue, give us a call at 512-702-7415. We’re here to help!

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