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Don’t Ignore Your Leaky Chimney!

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Click here to learn about the different ways water can leak into your chimney & how the products we use can help prevent it!

We get a good deal of rain down here in the Texas Hill Country – is your chimney equipped to fight the fight against leaks? For more than 30 years, the expert technicians here at Atlas Chimney have worked with homeowners in the greater Austin area to help them keep water out of their chimneys and homes. We specialize in leak troubleshooting and can identify any weak areas, repair any trouble spots, and help you prevent future leaks.

How Did Water Get In The Chimney In The First Place?

Water can make its way into your chimney a variety of ways, most commonly:

  • Damaged Or Poorly Constructed Chimney Crown – Your chimney crown is the concrete slab that covers the top of your chimney, but when poorly constructed, cracked or deteriorating, this can be a common entry place for water. Is your crown well-designed and working hard to keep water out of your chimney? We can make sure it is! Click here to learn about the chimney crowns and the crown repair work we perform!
  • Damaged Or Poorly Installed Flashing – The place where your chimney exits the roof is incredibly vulnerable to water penetration – that’s what flashing is for! Chimney flashing refers to a series of metal sheets that are strategically layered and placed to provide a seal to keep water out of your chimney and home. When poorly installed, rusted through, dented, or otherwise tampered with, flashing can allow water to rapidly enter your home. We specialize in flashing installation and repair, so if your flashing could use some TLC, we’re the team to call. Click here to learn more about flashing and how it can help protect your home!
  • Missing Chimney Cap – Without a chimney cap, your flue is out there in the open, just inviting water down into your chimney. Is your chimney fitted with a quality cap? If not, we can help! We carry a wide assortment of chimney caps and animal guards and can help you find the perfect one for your chimney. Click here to learn more about chimney caps!
  • Damaged Masonry – Cracked and chipping brick and mortar on your chimney can allow moisture to sneak right into your home – how is your masonry looking? The experts here at Atlas Chimney can repair and restore any damaged masonry and help you protect it in the future. We specialize in masonry waterproofing, which can greatly reduce your risk of leaks down the line. Click here to learn more about the waterproofing services we perform!

Call Us Before Things Get Worse!

If you’ve noticed water in your fireplace or vegetation, cracks, water-soaked ceilings, or other signs of moisture damage surrounding your chimney, don’t put off calling us! We can quickly pinpoint the source of your leak and make repairs to restore and protect your chimney, hearth, and home. Give us a call at 512-702-7415 or click here to schedule your appointment!


Our chimney and fireplace services include all types of chimney repairs to help keep you and your family safe year-round. Call us for more information.

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