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Waterproof Your Masonry The Right Way

Have you noticed water pooling in your fireplace? Are you finding vegetation, mold, cracks, or crumbling brick and mortar on your chimney?  You’ve got a water problem on your hands! Moisture can have the most devastating effects on your chimney system and can even damage surrounding walls and ceilings. Are you doing everything you can to keep water out of your chimney and home? Let the waterproofing professionals at Atlas Chimney help!

We know just what it takes to keep water out of your masonry, without causing damage to your masonry or altering the way it looks and functions. Unlike paint, sealers, and other commonly used “waterproofing” products, the waterproofing products we use here at Atlas are designed specifically for chimney masonry. They’re designed to offer breathable protection, which is 100% necessary! Why? Read on!

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Why Use A Vapor-Permeable Waterproofing Product?

Brick and mortar are porous materials by nature, which is one reason they’re so great for chimney construction. Their porous nature allows them to dispel vapor produced during combustion, but unfortunately, this trait can also cause them to take in water. So what can be done?

A vapor-permeable waterproofing product will block out large water molecules, while still allowing smaller vapor molecules to make their way out of the masonry. As a result, you’ll get water protection, without trapping vapor inside of the masonry where it can cause damage. This characteristic is what separates our professional waterproofing products from the other products on the market. Unfortunately, many homeowners choose to paint or seal their chimney, which can actually lead to further damage. Don’t take chimney waterproofing into your own hands – instead, call on the experts at Atlas Chimney! Our products provide long-lasting, professional results and won’t change the way your brick looks!

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Another problem area with leaky chimneys is the flashing. Find out where your water problem is coming from today.

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