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Is It Time You Had Your Chimney Relined?

We’ve learned a lot about chimney safety over the decades, and what was once considered acceptable in the industry is now known to be a serious threat. For example, in the early days of chimney construction, chimneys were built without flue liners. Today, we know that an unlined chimney is a serious fire and health hazard, which is why liners come standard in today’s chimneys.

Why Are Chimney Liners So Important?

So, if chimneys were built without liners for so long, why are they so important? The answer is simple: safety! The liner is designed to capture the excess heat, smoke, particles, and ash leaping up from the fire and quickly escort them up and out of the chimney. Without a liner, the wood and other combustibles in the walls surrounding the chimney can easily ignite, and smoke, carbon monoxide, and other toxins can make their way through cracks and into your air supply. Installing a chimney liner also protects the masonry of your chimney from the heat, vapor, and creosote put out by the fire, and helps maintain proper draft and a more efficient fire!

What Can Damage A Chimney Liner?

Even if your chimney was built with a chimney liner, liners can decay and require repair or replacement. Some common causes of chimney liner damage include:

  • Creosote buildup
  • Moisture damage from a leak or vapor
  • House settling
  • Lightning strikes, earthquakes, or strong storms
  • Chimney fire

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You may also need to reline your chimney if you are switching fuel – say you’re switching out your gas-burning fireplace for a wood-burning appliance – or if you need to resize your flue for the attached appliance.

How Will I Know Which Type Of Liner To Have Installed?

For years, chimney liners have been constructed of terra cotta tiles, which are affordable and rather durable. Unfortunately, these will crack and crumble over time. If your existing liner is terra cotta, we may be able to simply make repairs and restore the surface using the revolutionary HeatShield® system. Learn more about this option here.

If, however, the extent of the damage is beyond repair, we may opt to reline with a quality stainless steel liner. We love stainless steel liners because they’re the most durable and the most versatile. Safe for all fuel types, these liners provide excellent protection year after year. Click here to read about Olympia Chimney Stainless Steel Liners – our absolute favorite liners in the industry!

Our Team Provides Professional Chimney Relining Services

If you’re in need of a new flue liner, or if you’re not sure what condition your existing liner is in or if you even have one, call us! Our experts will inspect your chimney and make recommendations based on their findings. Don’t go another season without knowing how safe or efficient your chimney is – call us at 512-702-7415 or click here today!


Regular chimney sweeping and cleaning takes a lot of worry out of burning a fire. Ask us for more information on all our fireplace and chimneys services.

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