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What Does a Storm Collar Do?

Keeping water out of your chimney is a very important task for homeowners. This is because of the amount of damage that can be caused by water penetration, according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). To be successful with this task, you have several options of preventative measures to take that can protect your chimney from water damage. One of these options is a customized flashing system. This keeps water from entering at the point where the chimney meets the roof.

What Does A Storm Collar Do Image - Austin TX - Atlas ChimneyIf you have a prefabricated chimney, your flashing system should include a storm collar. This is similar to a chimney cap on a masonry chimney. If you live in the Austin area, Atlas Chimney specializes in protecting both masonry and prefabricated chimneys from water penetration damage. We offer several preventive services, including professional storm collar and customized flashing installation. Now, we would like to tell you more about the importance of storm collars.

What is a storm collar?

A prefabricated chimney is different from a masonry chimney because it exhausts through a metal pipe instead of a masonry structure. A storm collar is a circular piece of metal that fits on the round pipe of a prefabricated chimney just above the flashing system. It serves the important purpose of keeping water from rain and melted ice and snow from being able to enter through the opening where the pipe comes out of the flashing system.

How do I know if I need a new storm collar?

Unfortunately, even the most durable storm collars do not last forever. Over years of exposure to the elements, they can suffer from corrosion damage which can lead to the metal cracking and breaking apart. This can create gaps that allow water to enter your home. You may notice water in your attic or even see water stains on the ceiling by the fireplace. These are both signs that your storm collar should be replaced by a professional chimney technician.

Why do I need a chimney professional to install my storm collar?

A storm collar should be professionally installed. This ensures it will provide the proper protection needed to keep water out of your chimney. You can trust Atlas Chimney to correctly position the collar onto the pipe before screwing it into place. We will also waterproof the upper edge of the collar with sealant. That way water cannot leak in between the collar and the chimney pipe.

A storm collar can protect your prefabricated chimney from water leaks. Contact us today at Atlas Chimney to schedule an appointment for our professional chimney collar installation services!

Atlas Chimney Now Does Aeroseal

We provide professional chimney maintenance, repair, and installation services. That’s not all! Atlas Chimney also provides dryer vent and air duct cleaning and inspection services to the residents of the Austin area. What else? Now, we are excited to announce that we are adding a new air duct maintenance service, Aeroseal! This is a revolutionary product that will save you money and energy by sealing your air duct system. We would like to tell you more about Aeroseal and how it works.  So this way you can see how essential it is to improve the energy efficiency in your home.

Atlas Chimney Now Does Aeroseal Image - Austin TX - Atlas ChimneyWhat exactly is Aeroseal and how does it work?

A patented technology that allows duct leaks to be sealed from the inside out, Aeroseal puts pressure on escaping air. It uses polymer particles that to stick together from the edges of a duct leak, until the leak is completely sealed. Atlas Chimney will start the Aeroseal process by plugging your registers with foam. This forces air to escape through existing leaks. By connecting the Aeroseal machine to your air duct system, we will be able to tell exactly how much air is leaking during the pretest. After the pretest, we will then inject a non-toxic aerosol sealant into your duct system to repair the leaks. In addition, you will be able to see how effective Aeroseal is by watching the computer monitor as it gives results in real time. After this process has finished, we will give you a printout that certifies the results.

What are the benefits of an Aeroseal treatment?

Once your air ducts have been sealed with Aeroseal, you will see a decrease in the amount of your utility bills. Also, an improvement in the indoor air quality and the comfort level of your home. A major portion of your utility bills comes from your home’s heating and cooling system. Thus, making air duct leaks quite costly. In fact, duct leakage costs residential homeowners as much as $25 billion every year. Sealing your ducts with Aeroseal will greatly reduce your utility bills each month!

Your indoor air quality will improve after an Aeroseal treatment. This is because leaky ducts pull pollutants like dust and mold into your home, which can create a health hazard. You can prevent allergy problems by having your ducts sealed with Aeroseal. Finally, having an Aeroseal treatment will help make your home feel more comfortable. Your heating and cooling system will be able to successfully deliver air throughout your living spaces. Afterwards, you will definitely notice this improvement in energy efficiency this summer.

Want to learn more about Aeroseal? Contact us at Atlas Chimney to find out how this duct sealing treatment can benefit you and your home!

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