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Spring Is the Perfect Time for Cleaning Your Chimney

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As we say goodbye to winter, the first thing on many homeowners’ minds is preparing a spring cleaning plan. Atlas Chimney would like to remind you to include your chimney on the list of home maintenance tasks. We want to share with you why it is so important to schedule your annual professional chimney sweeping and inspection appointment with us in the spring as well as what you can expect from our maintenance services.

Why is it so important to have my chimney cleaned in the spring?

After a season of heavy usage, your chimney may have sizable amounts of creosote accumulated on its inner walls. A natural compound that develops during combustion, creosote is problematic because it leads to unpleasant odors invading your home. It also creates a dangerous fire hazard in your chimney. Creosote is so flammable that the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) names it as a leading cause of chimney fires. It is equally as important to have your chimney professionally inspected in the spring to make sure there are no water leaks that could lead to masonry damage. You want to protect your chimney from water penetration to prevent the deterioration of the bricks and mortar joints.

What can I expect from a professional chimney maintenance appointment with Atlas Chimney?

Our chimney sweeps are trained and certified by the CSIA, which means you can trust them to be skilled, honest, and professional when they visit your home. We begin this maintenance service by laying down drop cloths around your hearth area to protect the flooring. We use specialized tools, including a high-powered vacuum and rotating brushes, to ensure we remove all creosote and soot. During this sweeping, we will also remove any blockages in the flue to allow the chimney to exhaust safely. After your chimney sweeping, we examine the outside of your chimney to see if there is any masonry damage or deterioration. We also provide you with photographs of any damage and a written estimate of the necessary repairs.

Be sure to include your chimney in your home spring cleaning plan. Contact us today at Atlas Chimney to schedule your appointment for your annual professional chimney maintenance services with our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps.