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What We Might Find During a Chimney Inspection

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To keep your chimney working safely and efficiently, you should schedule an annual maintenance appointment with a chimney professional. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), your chimney needs to be professionally swept and inspected at least once a year. If you live in the Austin area, Atlas Chimney provides these professional chimney maintenance services. We are often asked about what exactly we find during routine inspections. We would like to tell you more about the problems we have found on the outside and the inside of chimneys we have inspected over the past three decades.


One of the most important reasons your chimney needs to be professionally maintained every year is to have all of the creosote removed. The creosote is removed from the inner walls to prevent chimney fires. Developed naturally during the combustion process of burning wood, creosote sticks to the interior walls of the chimney. It can accumulate into large deposits that can be dangerous. Creosote is so flammable that the CSIA has named it as a leading cause of chimney fires. The CSIA-certified chimney sweeps from Atlas Chimney will make sure to remove every bit of the creosote deposits from your chimney. We also check to ensure there are no blockages of the flue from debris and no damage to interior components like the liner.


You may have heard that water penetration can cause the most damage to a masonry chimney. During our chimney inspections, Atlas Chimney is always on the lookout for masonry chimney damage and deterioration caused by water. We look for cracked, crumbled, loose, and missing bricks and mortar joints that need to be repaired. This damage not only allows water to leak into your home to cause further damage, but it can also lead to serious structural problems. These include the collapse of the chimney structure. We will also check out the condition of your chimney cap, crown, and flashing system since these components serve to keep water from getting into your chimney.

After we have completed our inspection, Atlas Chimney will give you a written report on the condition of your chimney, and if we find damage, you will also receive photos of the damage and a written estimate of the repairs needed. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to have your chimney professionally swept and inspected.