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Increasing Heating Efficiency

Now that fall is just around the corner, it is time to think about the best ways to heat your home to provide comfortable warmth without spending a lot of money on your heating bills. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you may have noticed that even though it is cozy and creates a warm atmosphere, its energy efficiency is not the best. Atlas Chimney would like to give you some tips that will increase the heating efficiency of your wood-burning fireplace and decrease your heating costs this winter.

Increasing Heating Efficiency Image - Austin TX- Atlas Chimney

Only burn seasoned firewood.

Seasoned firewood is wood that has been allowed to dry for at least six months after it has been cut, and this means that it will burn cleaner and warmer fires. Burning freshly-cut wet wood creates a lot of smoke and wastes a lot of energy trying to get rid of all of the moisture within the wood. The majority of the heat produced escapes out of the chimney. Fires built with seasoned firewood provide more warmth to your home.

Install tempered glass fireplace doors.

Another way to keep heat from going out of the chimney, the installation of tempered glass fireplace doors reduces the amount of heat getting sucked from your home by increasing the internal temperature of the chimney. According to SF Gate, it is important to keep the doors closed when a fire is burning as well as to make sure the doors fit tightly around the fireplace opening and be sealed with a fiberglass gasket. Take advantage of the professional installation services provided by Atlas Chimney to ensure the doors are properly fitted to increase heating efficiency.

Update your fireplace with a wood-burning stove insert.

Using new technology, these modern wood-burning stove inserts are able to greatly increase the heating efficiency of your older traditional fireplace. In fact, many models are certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as energy efficient heating appliances. You will be amazed by the long-lasting and warm fires you will enjoy from burning a smaller amount of firewood. To work safely and effectively, professional installation services are a must. Atlas Chimney will make sure that the flue correctly matches the size of your new insert to avoid chimney draft problems.

If you want to increase the heating efficiency of your home this winter, contact us at Atlas Chimney. Our experienced staff is happy to help you be able to enjoy warm and cozy fires while reducing your heating costs.

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