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Smoky Chimneys

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If you have a fireplace, you have more than likely experienced smoke blowing into the room through it from the chimney when you are trying to start a fire. Quite often, people forget to open the damper, which can cause smoke-filled rooms, but sometimes the solution to a smoky chimney is not as simple as just opening the damper. At Atlas Chimney, we have been frequently asked about smoky chimneys, and the first thing we ask these customers is if the smoke problem is constant or sporadic. Different things can cause smoky chimneys, and we work hard to determine the exact cause so this problem will not happen again. It can be hard to enjoy your fireplace when you are inhaling smoke and coughing as the fire burns. We would like to tell you about the different reasons why your chimney is so smoky.

Smoky Chimneys - Austin TX - Atlas Chimney

Is your chimney constantly smoky?

If smoke always blows through the fireplace whenever you try to light a fire, your chimney could be suffering from a few different problems.  You may have a flue blockage that is forcing smoke back into your home. Our Chimney Safety of America (CSIA)-certified chimney sweeps can easily find this blockage during an inspection and remove the debris from your chimney.
Your fireplace opening may be too large, which can allow too much air into the chimney and cause drafting problems. We can either install glass fireplace doors or something else to reduce the amount of air that flows into your fireplace.

Your home may be too airtight, which creates an insufficiency of air to your chimney. If you have a newer home or have weatherized your home, the CSIA recommends opening a window to see if that resolves your smoke problem. Atlas Chimney can also install a vent that will help bring in outside air when your fireplace is in use.

Do you just have occasional smoke problems?

If your chimney is only smoking sporadically, it could be due to having a high pressure cell in your area that is causing air pressure issues that are affecting your chimney draft. Or, you could be using the wrong type of wood. Atlas Chimney recommends that you only burn seasoned firewood. When you burn freshly cut wood, it can be too wet to burn without a lot of smoke being produced. There are other causes of sporadic smoke problems, and we have the experience to find out the exact cause and help you correct the issue. One of these issues has to do with your chimney not being tall enough to draft properly, and you will definitely need us to add height to your chimney. Whatever the problem may be, you can count on us to help you get rid of the smoke.

Dealing with a smoky chimney? Contact us at Atlas Chimney to talk to our staff about how we can help you breathe easy while enjoying a fire in your fireplace.