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How a Rusty Damper Can Affect Your Electric Bill

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If you want your chimney and fireplace season to work as well as possible, you need to be sure that each and every component is in good working condition. When you have problems with certain parts, such as the liner or damper, your chimney could possibly even be unsafe. Also, the efficiency issues caused by damaged chimney components can be quite costly. Atlas Chimney would like to talk to you more about dampers and how a rusty damper can affect your electric bill.

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What exactly is a damper?

Situated directly above the firebox, a traditional throat damper is constructed from metal, ceramic, or other material that can tolerate the exposure to direct heat. Similar to a flap or door, a throat damper can be opened or closed. Another type of damper is the top-mounted damper, which is located at the very top of the chimney and can also serve as a chimney cap.

What does a damper do?

Even when your fireplace is not being used, your damper has a very important function, which is why you need to be sure it is in good working condition. When you are burning a fire in your fireplace, the damper should always be open to allow smoke, gases, and the other byproducts of combustion to escape out of the chimney. If the damper is closed, smoke and toxic gases will get forced back into your home through the fireplace. If there is no fire burning, your damper should always be closed to create energy efficiency by keeping warm air inside your home during the winter and cooled air inside during the summer. According to Do It Yourself, you can control the intensity of your fire by partially opening the damper to limit the amount of oxygen exposure to the fire.

What is the most common problem with throat dampers, and how does this issue affect my electric bill?

Although your damper may be constructed with a good quality metal, it can still suffer from corrosion over the years. Rust is the most common problem with throat dampers because it can cause issues opening and closing the damper. You can have difficulties adjusting and even moving a damper that has been corroded by rust. When your damper is stuck in the open position, it can cause your electric bill to be more expensive than usual. It can be challenging to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer when the damper cannot close correctly. To be sure your home is as energy efficient as possible, you should have your rusted damper repaired or replaced.

Atlas Chimney can help you with taking care of your rusty damper. Contact us to find out how we can reduce your electric bill by repairing or replacing a damaged throat damper.