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We Rebuild Wood Chimney Chases

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There is a good chance you have a prefabricated chimney and fireplace system if your home is less than 30 years old. Most homes with prefab chimneys include a chimney chase that protects the metal exhaust pipes. These chases can be constructed from various materials, including metal, bricks, and wood. Over time, chases can suffer from erosion and water damage, and wooden chimney chases can be particularly susceptible to deterioration. For over two decades, Atlas Chimney has provided high-quality professional chimney maintenance, repair, and installation services to the Austin area. Our technicians have experience with rebuilding wooden chimney chases and are certified by the CSIA. Read on to learn more about the most vulnerable spots on your chase for water leaks and what to expect from our repair services.

White prefabriated chimney with a metal chimney chase against a blue sky

What are the most common problems with wood chimney chases?

According to Inspectapedia, improper construction is often the reason behind most water leak damage of wooden chimney chases. A properly sloped chase cover is one of the most important aspects of a chase because it allows water to drain away from the chimney chase. Another common chase construction problem has to do with flashing. Flashing consists of overlapping metal sheets around the chase where it meets the roof. Without a customized flashing system, your wood-framed chimney chase is vulnerable to water penetration damage and deterioration. Unfortunately, leaks at the top of the chimney chase can take a long time to be noticed, and this increases the risk of insect infestation, mold, mildew, and rotted wood.

What can I expect from Atlas Chimney’s wood chimney chase rebuilding services?

You can count on our chimney professionals to remove any damaged wooden panels from the chase and replace them. We take great care to follow every measurement, building codes, and fire safety requirements when rebuilding wood chimney chases. To protect your repaired chase, we can install a new cover that will keep water from leaking into the chimney. We have a variety of covers from galvanized steel, copper, to stainless steel and fits the exact measurements that ensure proper fit and protection.

Protect your wooden chimney chase by contacting us today at Atlas Chimney and schedule an appointment. Your prefabricated chimney is in good hands and we can’t wait to help you out!