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Fireplace Damper Issues

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In order to work at its best, your chimney and its components need to be in good condition. What happens when something is wrong with one of its components? Well, it can cause minor to major problems with your chimney and fireplace. Some of these problems can even endanger your health and safety! One of the most essential components of your chimney is the fireplace damper. Do you have an older traditional throat damper? If so, it can suffer from rusting and other types of corrosion damage that can make it difficult to open and close. This can also lead to other issues. Atlas Chimney is here to help you troubleshoot chimney and fireplace problems that can be caused by a damaged damper. Now, we would like to tell you more about a couple of common fireplace damper issues.

Smoky Fireplace

Although other issues can cause smoke to blow back into your living space, not being able to fully open your fireplace damper is often behind this problem. If you have had any water leaking into your chimney, it does not just hurt the masonry materials. Water can cause the metal components of your chimney, including your fireplace damper, to become rusted. That corrosive damage makes it difficult to adjust the position of the damper to be completely opened. You may also experience problems with the handle that moves the damper. According to Do It Yourself, the handle can become disconnected from the damper. This makes it impossible to fully close or open it! When your damper cannot open completely, it can cause smoke to be forced back into your home through the fireplace.

Low Energy Efficiency

If your damper or its handle have become unable to move properly, there is also the possibility that it could become stuck in the completely opened position. This will not only negatively affect your energy efficiency during the winter when you are using your fireplace. There will still be an opening through your chimney and fireplace system that will allow cooled indoor air to escape and hot outside air to invade your home. Your utility bills could increase steadily all year round, if your damper is unable to close.

Atlas Chimney recommends updating your old throat damper with a new top-mounted damper. Why? Not only will it cause you fewer problems, but it will also save you money on your utility bills. To schedule an appointment for a professional installation of a top-mounted damper from our CSIA-certified chimney technicians, contact us today!