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Fireplace and Chimney Tips When Buying a Home

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For homebuyers, a fireplace can be one of the most important features in a new home. Many people will not even consider a new home without a fireplace. However, it is very important to be sure the chimney and fireplace system works safely and efficiently before you sign the contract to buy the home. While there are certain things you can look out for, you need a professional chimney inspection to be absolutely certain the system has no hidden dangers. In fact, modern fire safety codes from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) require that a Level 2 chimney inspection take place for real estate transactions. Atlas Chimney has years of experience in providing all three of the NFPA’s levels of chimney inspections, and we can check out the chimney in any house you wish to buy. You can trust us to give you an honest assessment of the condition of the chimney and fireplace. We would like to tell you some other things you should be on the lookout for when you are shopping for a new home.

Fireplace and Chimney Tips When Buying a New Home- Austin TX - Atlas Chimney

Check out the firebox.

One of the parts of a fireplace and chimney system that you can closely examine is the firebox, or the interior of the fireplace. According to HouseLogic, you should be looking for any cracks, gaps, or other signs of wear in the firebox’s lining. If the steel body of the firebox is visible through any part of the lining, you will need Atlas Chimney to professionally repair the firebox to prevent excessive heat from causing damage to the home.

Look for smoke stains.

If you see smoke stains on the ceiling of the room where the fireplace is, there could be cracks or gaps between the hearth and the firebox that are allowing smoke to escape. This is a common problem in older homes caused by the hearth settling. You may also find smoke stains above the fireplace opening, which is a sign of a damaged damper. Atlas Chimney can easily solve both of these problems.

Notice the size of the fireplace grate.

You do not want a grate that is more than two-thirds of the size of the fireplace opening. Why does the size of the fireplace grate matter? If your grate is too large, you may add too much wood to the fireplace, which will cause oversized fires that can overheat the fireplace. This problem is easily solved by replacing the grate with a smaller one.

The most important thing to ensure the fireplace and chimney system in a new home is safe is to schedule a professional chimney inspection. Contact us at Atlas Chimney to arrange an appointment today.